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When I first started working with TypeScript, I quickly found myself questioning the use of type and interface in regards to providing type safety to my code. What is the difference between the two? When should I use one over the other? I decided it was time to get some answers.

After a bit of research, I realized that the two are more similar today than they have ever been. However, there are still some differences that are worth mentioning. Let’s talk about it!

types and interfaces at a high level

Before we take a look at the similarities and differences between a type and an interface

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Analytics tools help provide companies with meaningful data insights about how their software applications or websites are being used. These insights are extremely useful when it comes to making informed business decisions. If there is something wrong with your analytics reporting it could cause various issues and potentially even financial harm to your company.

I’m going to show you how I used Cypress, a lovely end-to-end javascript testing framework, to verify that analytics reporting at our company is accurate. Let’s get into it.

Setup 🛠

First thing’s first, let’s install Cypress. You can install Cypress via the package manager of your choice…

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software developer focusing on backend development/test automation in javascript environments

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